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Just 9 days until we fly…

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on April 29, 2009

So here we are, sitting in the centrally heated comfort of our lounge room in downtown Ballarat (3rd largest city in Victoria, Australia, 90 mins from Melbourne CBD, up on the Western Goldfields; population 97,000)…  My husband Laurie is relaxing on our leather Chesterfield sofa, watching a relatively young looking Liza Minelli and a very young looking Robert DeNiro in the box-office flop New York, New York on our wide screen…  It’s  about 5 degree celcius outside and dropping with clear speed toward a frosty 2 degree.  Our sweet-heart 5 year old daughter is whinging from her lavander coloured bedroom, craving another Jatz cracker biscuit to complement her warm cup of milk.  Our dog is snuggled up with her giant teddy-bear in the corner of the lounge room.  All is calm…   Somewhat inconceivably, in just 9 days Laurie and I will have closed up our house, deposited our two gorgeous girls (human & canine) in to the loving care of my dear parents, and the two of us will be boarding that Qantas flight for some ‘grown-up’ time in NYC and so on.  Why?  Well, to celebrate 13 years of ‘togetherness’ (in more ways than one), and 7.5 years of marriage, and 11 years of me publishing books, day in day out (much as I love it with a passion), and because you never know how long life is, and because we really need a holiday.  The prospect of escaping back toward the urban world, sans child (much as we completely adore her) now seems very exotic, and it’s far too long since we went on our honeymoon to Berlin, Cuba, Jamaica and Costa Rica, back in December 2001.  And so, following about 3 years of on again and off again planning, we’re at last about to depart on an extravaganza  of a holiday.  As it turns out, we seem to be in the midst of a global recession, and the media is now abuzz with the threat of a potentially global swine flu pandemic… but life is never perfect… And so anyway, we are going to: New York for 10 nights; Paris for 4 nights; Morocco for 9 nights and Madrid for 4 nights. And so our tale begins…

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