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First Impressions of New York City

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 11, 2009

Well, I LOVE NEW YORK!  I now appreciate the simplicity of that infamous t-shirt slogan – really, there is nothing more to say, short of spending the next nine days just writing about my first full day here, which was, as is also often said, “absolutely awesome.”  Now I just need to hand over some $ for the T, wear my feelings on my chest, and forget about diarising it in this post-card style blog!  But, no, I should honour my promise, to keep you updated…

Our flight over ex Melbourne was great once we departed, but 2 hours extra in the departure lounge and another 2 hours waiting on the tarmac – so then it was hellish over-all as our whole trip was then more complicated.  We obviously completely missed our connecting flight, had some predictable angst in LA airport, and eventually got to our gorgeous little room at the Washington Square Hotel, at midnight (instead of 7pm)!  This is a lovely hotel, full of academics and parents of kids graduating this week from NYU.  Lighty room, with 3 windows, brekkie included and great concierge too.

Yesterday in brief: lapped up the the cultural architecture and European ambiance of Greenwich Village, took a a Sunday stroll along the Hudson for half a dozen piers, swish designer store windows in the Meat-Packing district, private galleries & shops & West Broadway in Soho, including Dean & Deluca’s which is pure foodie heaven.  Last night, just to help our jet-lag peak, and enhance our mental exhaustion, we spent the most mind-boggling 4 hours laughing almost non-stop at the Comedy Cellar where we saw 10 (no kidding!) extraordinary comedians.

Now it’s Monday morning, and we slept just 1.30am to 5.30am, but we’re going to give the subway and the Brooklyn Bridge a whirl anyway, on just 4 hours sleep, because we don’t want to miss anything, and we just can’t sit still…  Tonight, after the Bridge, the Lower East side, an art exhibition at ‘New Museum’ on the Bowery, and a toddle around Tribeca (if we can still walk by then, which is not necessarily likely!), we intend to go to see some girl cabaret at the Duplex in the Village tonight.   Incidentally, Laurie loves it here too, of course!  More news soon – Gotta dash now 🙂

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