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Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Richard Avedon…

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 15, 2009

I haven’t had time to blog for a while coz I’m too busy doing things!  This morning we were on the subway by 8ish, and down to Battery Point for the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  She is awe-inspiring, truly.  Standing underneath her, and gazing up at this Gustav Eifell created master-piece, set against the mid-blue sky, is quite an emotional experience.  I really liked it.  Freedom, liberty and opportunity – I say YES to these privileges.  Went into the monument museum as well, and climbed the 156 stairs (and yes, I counted them) up to the base.  Sub-wayed back up to mid-town for a really spesh lunch at the Grand Central Oyster Bar underneath Grand Central Station (and it is indeed large and grand on the causeway there – though all I could think of was Carey Grant in a Hitchcock scene…).  We were given complimentary Champagne on account of this being an important occasion for us  (I’m not silly – never hurts to mention it!). We shared various individually differentiated oysters for starters, then I had soft skinned Carolina crab in garlic butter sauce for main.  It was great: a real land-mark, NYC lunch-time dining experience.  After that we inspected the lobby of the Chrysler Building, and oh, we melted.  This is unquestionably the most impeccable example of Art Deco marble grandeur and steel and precious wood trimmings I have ever seen in my life.  I could have just stood there for hours (if my legs weren’t aching so much from the insane amount of walking we’ve been doing these past 6 days).  After this, we walked a few more blocks to 5th Avenue and saw the Richard Avedon fashion photography exhibition on at the International Centre for Photography.  This was pure visual poetry: stunning.  After this, we popped our heads into the Algonquin, literary lobby, but felt we needed to relax a whole lot more, and give our aching feet a rest, so headed back to make the transfer to the Hudson Hotel by Central Park.  So now, here we are, in the Phillip Stark designed Morgan hotel, and it is rather sexy, I must say.  Even the elevators are sexy.  We have a view of W58th Street, and two water glimpses of the Hudson – doing well!

Yesterday we went up to the 80th floor of the Empire State Building, and it was really fabulous to see all of New York City, and get the big picture on all the parts we have seen since last Sunday morning.  We have truly packed it in.  Laurie thinks I have him on a boot camp program!  We have been zig-zagging all over town, from Wall Street to Harlem, and everywhere in between, and we’re loving it.  Will try to type more soon.  Off to the Guggenheim and the Whitney tomorrow, as it will be a rainy day.  Those who know us well, also know that we do love our modern art… as evidenced by our prior art gallery investment… 😦  Never-mind: We are very happy to be here amid the definitive art scene in the English speaking Western world – very happy!

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