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The Hudson Hotel, The Flatiron District, NY Public Library & Hair on Broadway.

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 16, 2009

Cinnamon Babka with Philly for breakfast this morning – we’ve worked out that some good quality items from Dean & Deluca’s can see you well for a few days of breakfast.  Last night we had a Cosmopolitan on the Rooftop Lounge Bar here at the Hudson.  What a cool scene that is, and such incredible roof-top views.  Many beautiful young things gliding among the vastly over-sized potted plants.  It took me back to my Tokyo days: very cool.  This is a delicious hotel.  Meeting a friend for cock-tails and Japanese a few doors up from here tonight.  We should may try the Library Bar afterwards; a gorgeos wood pannelled, yet modern space, full of books up high, and with large quirky photo’s of cows wearing flamboyant hats.  I like this area, and of course the Upper West Side is the most exxie real estate, second to Soho.  Saw Yoko Ono’s condo the other day up here – the Dakota Building.  I do like this area, near Columbus Circle, and Central Park.

There’s a few things from days past that I neglected to share earlier, so let me back-track.  On Wednesday we walked from 45th Street all the way down to 20th Street and back up again.  We went to the Flatiron district and admired that amazing 1903 building (it reminds me of the Oxford Street bar, where I first met Laurie & struck up a rapport with him at a friend’s cocktail party).   Then we went and sat in Madison Square Park for a bit – very peaceful and green, while still being full of people, of course.  Had a really lovely lunch catching up with a friend at a bistro on Park Avenue.  It was so interesting to hear about what its like to actually live in the U.S. (from an Australian’s perspective).  Checked out the beautiful lobby, and glimmering subway entrances under the NY Life Insurance Building.  We then strolled back up to mid-town, and spent a good hour walking through the New York Public Library – such an indulgent public pace, but so necessary in this crazed city.  Really tranquil.

On Tuesday night we walked through the teeming Times Square and Theatre District areas’, and had an amazing evening enjoying Hair the Musical.  It was extraordinary.  If I hadn’t been so completely blown away by jet-lag, I would have loved to get up on stage at the end, with the broad range of people that jumped at the chance to get up there for that 5 minutes of pretend fame.  Such talented and well cast performers by the way.  I jut loved it, but then I do know every word of every song in Hair, so naturally I felt very moved by the end of it all.  I’d happily see it all again.  When we got back to Times Square it was glittering with perpetual neon, and pumping with people.  We could be forgiven for thinking it was New Year’s Eve, I sware, yet in fact it was just a normal Tuesday night there.  It was so intense – All those people there on the streets, wearing their life-long hopes and dreams on their sleeves.  The social and psychological fragility of all of these lives mixed in together actually brought tears to my eyes.  I just had to stand there beside a police-man for a while, reflecting on a whole lot of things.

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