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A Sunny Day in Le Marais

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 21, 2009

We had a beautiful afternoon today, strolling throughout Le Marais; saw many ancient buildings of significance,  ate pistachio macaroons, spied upon the precincts of the very rich, the Palace Royal, and saw the latest La Chapelle photography exhibition at Le Museo de Money.  We then checked out the quirky items at Collette, a cool urban design goods store.  Caught the very shiny clean and hip Met up to Isle de la Cite, came back up to earth beside the Seine, and crossed over onto the Left Bank.  Sauntered over to the Notre Dame, went for a caramel with salt sherbet (in a petite waffle cone), then stopped for une càfe at a bar, and then strolled happily back through the discreet gay districts of Paris, with our friends’ Fred & Philippe.

Le Marais is labarynth of cobble stoned lane-ways, and every crevice is enchanting.  The apartment block we are staying in was built in 1788, and the buildings on our rue are all built at slightly, but noticably, different angles.

At  8ish 5 of  Fred’s friends came over, opened exquisite Champagne, and then we all grazed on fois de gras (again) and paté, dried pork sausage and cherries.  Great people and great conversation.  Portugese French, Irish French, Belgium French, Normandy French, French New Yorker and an authentic Parisian French woman – a fabulously cosmopolitan group; each with their own unique life story and perspective. Eventually we all left for dinner together at a nearby bistro, with excellent ambience.  We do like it here.  It is all so supremely stylish, and everyone speaks and dresses well.

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