The Occasional Tales of Ailsa B du Bois

From Ballarat to the world beyond…

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About the Author

Ailsa Brackley du Bois grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, experimented with time in Tokyo & Darwin, lived in Sydney for 9 years, Melbourne for 3 years, then chose Ballarat in Victoria as a ‘tree-change’ in 2005.   Ailsa is a professional educational Publisher of over 140 text books, 13 of which have won national and/or international publishing awards. She now runs her own tiny business writing and publishing interesting bits’n’bobs.

In the past, Ailsa has worked as a art gallery owner and publicist, a biographer, a freelance feature and profile journalist, a book and theatre reviewer, a copy writer, a book seller, a fashion seller, a music seller, an international travel consultant, a tour guide, a radio broadcaster, a music disc jocky, a media policy analyst, an avocado masher, and in various other interesting, and sometimes peculiar, roles.

In her academic days, Ailsa managed to achieve a Master of Arts degree in Journalism, a 1st Class Honours degree in International Politics, and a Certificate in Tourism Management.  In her business practice, Ailsa is inclined to be a realist, but in her private time, she is most definitely a  ‘glass half full’ dreamer of the small ‘l’ liberal persuasion, and an occasional (published) poet…  She’s recently started writing again, following a 14 year stint in a sort of semi-corporate daze.

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