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Back in Ballarat Again…

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on June 11, 2009

We’re now back safely in our little, old, gold-rush city of Ballarat in Victoria, where it’s hovvering between minus two degree and plus four degree celcius.  It’s a frosty, crispy, misty affair, and oh so different to the scorching forty degree days we were experiencing only a week ago, on the other side of the world.  It’s been an absolutely amazing trip, and a lot of stimuli to try to reconcile, and make sense of, in a relatively condensed period of time.  We really packed immense cultural diversity into this trip.  I have so many vivid, and intensely visual, memories that will stay with me forever, and help inspire me for a long time to come.  Taking time out like that is so great for achieving some clarity on various personal aspirations, and Laurie and I certainly got a lot out of it that we’ll bring to fruition over the next several years of our lives.  Our daughter says she’s coming with us next time, and we’ve assured her we are never leaving her again.  She leapt into my arms at the airport, in her pyjama’s, and looked wildly happy to do so.  She’s so thrilled to have us back again, of course, and we’re extremely happy to be back with her again too.  Her reading has progressed in leaps and bounds since we left – she can now read whole paragraphs, and sounds her words out really well.  Must have something to do with all those postcards we sent her…  No… Seriously, it’s thanks to my Mum & Dad’s diligent, daily help with her homework and her bed-time readings while we were away.  We are so incredibly fortunate to have their support.  That I know for sure!

Anyway, it’s back to the routine of daily work and life for us both from Monday onwards.  So, now that I’ve recovered from my insanely strong 3 day bout of jet-lag, and culled my travel photo collection down to 1,110 images (!), I realise it’s probably time to put this little travel blog to bed.  It’s only been a partial insight into what we’ve been up to, of course, because you simply can’t document everything.  Initially, I started writing this blog ‘thing’ for my parents and my daughter, but then found that my brother and his wife were interested, and that my husband’s boss was interested, and that various friends were interested, and so it seems that various people have read it, and hopefully got something enjoyable out of it.  It’s such a bizarre thing to write what is essentially ‘a dear diary’ that is open for anyone, anywhere in the world to read.  It’s just been my own subjective take on things, obviously.  As I really don’t know who has been reading it, I’ve never endeavoured to cater for any tastes or view-points, other than my own.   In any case, I hope it’s been of value to those who have read it, or at the very least interesting…  I know I’ve enjoyed doing it, and if I can come up with a new topic to write about in due course, that may possibly be of broad interest, I’ll be giving it a go again.  In any case, farewell for now, wishing you well, and thank you for reading!

p.s. Planning a Hong Kong trip in a few years time…  (interested in seeing beyond the airport terminal!)

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