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Posts Tagged ‘New York City’

At Home at The Roosevelt Hotel

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 12, 2009

We have left the beatnik life behind now, and entered ‘The Diamond District.’  Now this really is representative of the old glamour of Manhattan.  The never-ending marbled Lobby takes your breath away.  This is the Grand Old Dame on Madison Avenue (and 45th Street,  covering an entire city block with it’s 1000+ rooms.   The gracious wide hallways remind me of the Hotel from The Shining, when they did the flash-back scenes to the height of it’s glory.  The Russian lady at Reception smiled upon us, and gave us an upgrade, so we have a massive room with two luxurious double beds, and it is simply heaven.  I am so happy.  I think anyone who can possibly afford to bring their Mother here, as a gift, should do so immediately.  It is so very civilised, and the chandaliers and finishing touches everywhere are very lovely.  We are going around the corner to visit the Chrysler Building shortly, but frankly I’m finding it hard to leave the building here.  I really could not be happier.  This is so distinctively old New York, and when we go to the Theatre tonight, we just stroll down the street – without turning – perfection!!!

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Last Day Amid Down-town Bohemia

Posted by Ailsa B du Bois on May 12, 2009

Today is our last day in the tranquil Village, and we’re spending it doing various little things around here, and also heading down to Tribeca, to do some laid-back wandering (as we’re very spaced out still with jet-lag).  I love the ambiance of this green, park filled area, and the expensive pedigree pooches we see everywhere.  It reminds me of Potts Point & Darlinghurst, but with more pizzazz.  There are no mutts in the Village, and people hire professional dog-walkers to take their pampered doggies for a stroll.  Men carry purple and raspberry balloons about, and everyone is very ‘college’ set.  Last night we saw some fascinating college girl cabaret, rather predictably doing Broadway show tunes: it was quite good, but as the venue was on Christopher Street, in the West Village my intention was to see something more along the lines of Sandra Bernhardt meets Cleveland Street-esque (NSW) small club queer – but I got that pick completely wrong!  But, we had a drink at the Stonewall Inn before hand though, and that was good – should have stayed and watched the bad drag show there, but never mind…  We live and learn.

I’m wearing Burberry ‘Weekend’ as my New York scent, even though it’s British, because this whole period is my very long weekend away from work, so it seems most appropriate.  On the topic of perfume though, I did find a great little (4 out-let boutique) store called NYC Bond No.9or something: incredible perfume packaging: rhinestones and all.  We’re moving 41 blocks up-town today to the Roosevelt on Madison Avenue, in Mid-Town/Theatre District, this afternoon, so things are about to get a lot glitzier.  Achieved 5.5 hours sleep last night, so we’re progressing… I’m hoping to make it to 6-7 hours sleep tonight, after we’ve seen Hair on Broadway.  Hopefully the show should blast the jet-lag out of us!  They say it nearly blows the roof of the Al Hirshfeld Theatre – so let’s hope.

Anyway, on with the day…  Off to Soho again to meandre casually in the lobby of the very slick Mercer Hotel in the Cast Iron Historic District in Soho, near where Heath Ledger departed this world, and wander the private art galleries’ some more.  Love this life.

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